Party during regional. Maybe you’re invited.

Our illustrious President ( no, not that one, ours says his name is David Moss ) said

The GNYBA will be hosting a party and Barometer Game on Saturday night  Dec 30 at 7pm at Aces.

Aces Bridge Club
244 West 54th Street, suite 705
NYC 10019

When pressed for detail, he said  “We will have more details at the tournament itself.

Probably the GNYBA will supply snacks and soda. I’m planning to bring my own beer.

The Saturday game will be hosted by Rachael Moller & David Gurvich, and modeled after David’s usual (invitational) monthly games.

If you can’t show up to this one, try to cadge an invitation to the normal monthly game. David & Rachael have managed to recreate something long missing from NY bridge.

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