GNT – qu’est-ce que c’est 

The Grand National Teams event is one of the two so-called “grassroot” events ( along w/sibling “Grand National Pairs”, now renamed to the “North American Pairs” doubtless by the same guys who gave us the RFK bridge )

You should play. The way it works:

1. Find 3 friends. Even I have three friends.

2. Play a team event at one of the NYC bridge clubs (schedule below) in any of four flights.

3. Win your flight. There will be subsidies for the winning teams in the three lower flights. The intent, back when wheels were square, was to make it economical to attend the next stage.

4. Travel to the Atlanta North American Bridge Championship ( renamed from “The Nationals” ) in July. The winning teams in Flight A,B and C will each receive $1K – per team –  to assist with expenses ( if they go. The Open flight receives nothing but a “well done”).

5. Compete against 25 other teams in your flight. One ACBL District, one team per flight.

6. Win again, and do us proud. This is a Nationally rated win, unless I’m mistaken, in which case it isn’t. But I think it is.


There are four Flights. Each winner must survive an all day affair at a bridge club. If there are an unexpectedly large number of teams, we might add a later Knockout phase.

  • Flight C for Non-Life Masters with fewer than 500 Masterpoints.
    • Sunday Feb 25 at Honors
  • Flight B for anyone with 0-2500 Masterpoints.
    • Sunday Feb 11 at Aces
  • Flight A for anyone with 0-6000 Masterpoints
    • Sunday Feb 25 at Honors
  • Open for anyone with more ego than Masterpoints
    • Sunday Feb 11 at Aces

Flight C players have an additional requirement. In order to be participate, they need to pre-qualify at either Aces or Honors or a couple of the Long Island bridge clubs.  I’m just the messenger here.

So why should you play? Most of us won’t win, obviously, but the opportunity to play a team event outside a regional is rarer than it ought to be. Team games blow the pants off pair games in terms of being relaxing (sometimes you’re just in 2D and no one cares about whether you make 90 or 110) and the whole thing is something different.

Odds are than even if you win, you’ll lose in Atlanta. No offense to our American Garozzos.  But the entertainment value of a National is not to be underestimated.  Like summer camp, except no one is weeping.

Full schedule, if you’re bored by MSNBC. And conditions of contest, if you’re bored by life itself.

The GNT coordinator is a decent enough guy – Phil Lentz – and if you have any questions, I’m sure you can find his email address on this ACBL page

I’m also on that page. Send me an email if you need anything related to bridge in NYC.

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