GNT Open/B ; STAC Feb 9-12

A;CRO;NYM-SOUP, but perhaps tasty

We just wrapped up the GNT “Grand National Teams” – 9 teams entered the Open (“Championship”) Flight. Another 9 entered the “B” Flight.

4 teams in each flight advanced to the next stage after an all-day round-robin at Aces. Next, each flight dukes it out to see who represents our District.

My team came in last, but we would have won a “best-dressed”, but perhaps not a “shaved-most-recently” contest. Results, if you want to see who did what vs who.


Brian Glubok, Samuel Amer, Erez Hendelman, David Gurvich
Sandra Rimstedt, Dana Berkowitz, Raluca Dobrescu, Shane Blanchard, Robert Barrington


Alison Wilson, Chris Willenken, Sam Lev, Michael Polowan, Radu Nistor, Iulian Rotaru
John Rengstorff, Glenn Eisenstein, Michael Radin, Michael Lipkin, Magnus Olafsson, Peter Trenka

Flight B

Norman Trabulus, Charles Bilich, Dina Schechter, David Joseph, Abbott Feren, Mark Blanchard
Mee Warren, James Keiger, Jordan Lampe, Christopher Moh


Samuel Kuang, Zhuo Wang, Jin Hu, Xu Wang
Jared Markowitz, Bruce Neiger, Guy Doherty, Warren Chang

We also recently concluded a STAC – “Sectional at the club”

Want to know who won, who lost?

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