Youth Bridge

Youth Bridge Continues to Grow in Manhattan

This year’s Youth Bridge Tournament at the New York Eastern States Regional doubled in size. Last year we had four tables and this year we had eight.   The children were directed by Aaron Silverstein and Gennifer Bender who offer us space at the Cavendish Bridge Club on Sundays, from September through May from 4:30 to 6:30, and we finished the year with this Tournament on May 28th. We were assisted by Kerry Kappell, Ellen Friedman, Yoshiko Praeger, Bobby Rose and Tse Mei Ling. Photos of the 2017 Medal Winners were taken by Larry Praeger. The winners were:

MPs A B C Names Score
1.47 1 1 Lex Kappell, Sunnyside NY; Isaac Fishman, New York NY 75.83%
1.10 2 Gilad Avrahami – Benjamin Avrahami, New York NY 72.72%
0.89 3 2 Katherine Hwang – Jack Boge, New York NY 68.27%
0.62 4 Reid Busse – Caroline Zhao, Westfield NJ 63.13%
0.47 5 Steven Borodkin – Adin Moses, New York NY 61.53%
0.94 3 1 Robert Kashan – Sabine Castro, New York NY 55.00%
0.50 4 Kira Moses – Ela Kini, New York NY 53.77%
0.71 2 James Kashan – Evan Young, 51.05%

Many thanks to Bridge Base Online who donated T-shirts and $200 of Bridge Bucks for prize money.